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2 days ago

Activate Iowa

It was a difficult day at the Iowa Legislature yesterday. Mike Weinard is exhausted. The abortion ban bill advanced, but would still have to be passed by the full house - so contact House members. Other bills may not be advancing, but Mike says, "Watch out!" Last year they revived some of the bad bills late in the session. I know everyone is exhausted, but don't give up.

Meanwhile, special election on April 10th in Iowa Senate District 25. Tracy Freese is a terrific candidate, and we have a chance to start turning things around. In just the next few weeks.

On look for updated lists of who is running in what districts (updated as of today), and look for a legislative forum to attend this weekend in your area.

This feels like a marathon, but the November elections are less than 8 months away. We can do this.
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2 days ago

Activate Iowa

Special election on April 10th! We have a great candidate. We can win this one!

Special Meeting: Tracy FreeseMarch 20, 2018, 6:00pm290 Carver Hall, Ames, IA 50011-2064, United StatesWe are very excited to welcome Tracy Freese to our next meeting. Tracy will be running in the coming special election for the Senate seat vacated by Bill Dix.

Come hear what ISU will be doing to help get Tracy elected!

ICYMI: Iowa Senate majority leader Bill Dix recently resigned in scandal ( There will be a special election scheduled in the next few weeks. Dix represented Iowa Senate District 25, which covers parts of Story County so this is a home-town election for ISU.
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Special Meeting: Tracy Freese

2 days ago

Activate Iowa

6 week ban amendment passes 12-9, with criminality portion struck. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Activate Iowa

Janice Weiner reports the following from the Capital on the Abortion Ban bill:

The message, Rep Rep Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (D), stated, is that politicians are willing to risk the lives of women for ideology.

She spoke on the facts against amendment 4485 to SF359. It is unconstitutional. It does not meet the undue burden standard articulated by the Supreme Court as recently as 2016. The 8th circuit, to which Iowa belongs, has already granted immediate judicial injunctions against two six-week bills.

Amendment adding the fetal heartbeat provision passed 12-9.

Broke for caucus again. Will return for a vote on the overall bill SF359.

This is the last day of 2nd funnel week - and they used a procedural sleight of hand to get here.
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