SSB 3062 — Criminalizes Protest of Pipeline

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Bold Iowa today strongly criticized legislation that passed unanimously out of a Senate subcommittee on Thursday. The legislation — Senate Study Bill 3062 — defines “critical infrastructure sabotage” as an “unauthorized act that is intended to or does in fact cause a substantial interruption or impairment of service rendered to the public related to critical infrastructure property. The bill provides that a person who commits critical infrastructure sabotage commits a class B felony.” Such an offense would come with a fine of $100,000 and a prison sentence of up to 25 years. The parent company of the Dakota Access pipeline — Energy Transfer — is listed in support of the bill.



~CCI Action Fund, 1-18

Iowa Senate bill would ban sabotage of pipelines, other ‘critical infrastructure’
~Des Moines Register, 1/25/18
(Check out the video where Sen. Jack Shipley calls protesters “terrorists”)

Iowa Senate bill would ban sabotage of pipelines, other critical infrastructure
~USA Breaking News, 1/25/18




“This latest attempt by Big Oil to silence dissent is no surprise,” said Ed Fallon, a former lawmaker who directs Bold Iowa. “This is legislative extremism at its worst. The bill’s backers want you to believe this is about cracking down on arson and vandalism. But the hundreds of pipeline protesters who were peaceful, nonviolent and didn’t engage in property destruction could be accused of interrupting service under this bill and subject to insane consequences.”

Bold Iowa is continuing to fight Dakota Access through educating Iowans about the lawsuit filed by Iowa landowners and the Iowa Sierra Club. That case is expected to come before the Iowa Supreme Court this spring. Bold also supports the growing movement to compel banks to divest from financing fossil-fuel infrastructure projects. A couple dozen Bold supporters will travel to Minneapolis on February 3 for “Super Saturday,” calling out US Bank to stop funding oil pipelines.

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Stopping sabotage or silencing dissent?

Here’s another bill we have our eye on. Senate Study Bill 3062 would ban sabotage of pipelines and other ‘critical infrastructure.’ The bill says that a person who sabotages critical infrastructure could be charged with a Class B felony, punishable by no more than 25 years in prison, plus a $100,000 fine.

Real quick – let’s first take our collective memory back to our #NoDAPL pipeline fight of 2015-2017…

It was one of the hottest organizing issues we’ve seen in Iowa in recent times. Thousands of Iowans – on both side of the political aisle – agreed that Iowa regulators were on the wrong side. And a powerful and inspiring movement grew across the country to stand up for water and Native American rights.

Here in Iowa, however, very few legislators stood with landowners or spoke out on this issue. Not even after private security used dogs to scare water protectors at Standing Rock. (This pipeline already had an oil spill in South Dakota, by the way).

BUT, now we see quick action to protect big oil’s investments.

Jeff Boeyink – a former Branstad chief-of-staff turned lobbyist for Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline – was the first to register support for this bill, if that tells you anything. 

Besides being disgusted, we’re worried that this bill could open the door to punishing any forms of dissent.

  • Could peaceful protesting – like the massive demonstrations CCI members organized – be construed as “substantial interruption”?
  • Could a member be charged with a felony – losing our right to vote – for standing in front of a bulldozer?
  • Could CCI members be charged with a felony for standing up for the land, water and people they care so much about?  

To us, it looks like legislators are bending over backwards to support the interests and profits of a handful of giant corporations.

  • Why haven’t lawmakers passed legislation making it a felony for oil companies to pollute our water?
  • Why aren’t our lawmakers considering legislation to stop an out-of-state oil company from stealing Iowa farmland from family farmers?

Until we see those types of bold moves for people and planet, we organize. (Then, we organize some more!)

This is why we’re running our own people for office. We have to build independent political power. Politics and policy making should be the people’s business. Government is the prize. Right now it’s a trophy on the shelf of giant corporate America. 

We can change that. We will change that. We will not be deterred. It’s a long haul fight, but THAT’s what we’re building power towards.


Call or email your legislator and demand they speak up against SS3062


Attend a Legislative Forum with your legislator and demand they speak up against SS3062