Marie Gleason was inspired to run, in part, by last year’s Women’s March in Des Moines.  This year she marched with the Quad Cities Women’s March.  She is an unusual Democrat – she has a business degree, and works for Deere and Company.  She has held a number of important positions in the company, and has volunteered to help women in the community who are trying to enter the workforce.  She points out, “I grew up in a working class family. I know that my community invested in my success through a good public education, community support, and healthcare resources.  Now I’m running for the Iowa Senate to make sure that all Iowans have the same opportunities I did.”

The incumbent in District 47 is Republican Roby Smith.  In the last legislative session, Roby Smith seems to have supported the ALEC agenda, gutting collective bargaining rights, restricting access to workers compensation, and restricting voting rights.  He sponsored a bill to codify the idea that life begins at conception, defunded Planned Parenthood, and stripped municipalities of the right to set a higher minimum wage.  He also appears to support the irresponsible expansion of gun rights through a constitutional amendment.

Half of senate district 47 is represented by a Democrat in the House, and half by a Republican.  Marie Gleason plans to run on public education, economic opportunity, and healthcare.  Interestingly, she also emphasises fiscal responsibility, saying, “I will ensure your tax dollars are effectively and efficiently utilized to accomplish specific outcomes.”  Since Governor Reynolds and other Republican leaders have abandoned any claim they had on good management of state resources, this could be a very strong issue for her to run on, and she has qualifications to back up her arguments.


Gleason announces state Senate bid




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