Lori Egan has lived in Waukon for 30 years and worked as a nurse at a Mayo Clinic facility in nearby La Crosse, Wisconsin, and as the health director of Northeast Iowa Community Action.  Her campaign emphasizes economic development outside of Des Moines, livable wages, affordable health care,  and providing children with educational opportunities.  

Lori’s opponent, Kristi Hager, is a first term member of the House who eagerly embraced the Reynolds/Upmeyer Republican agenda.  She voted against collective bargaining and workers compensation, and to defund Planned Parenthood.  She is the sponsor of bills in the current session to introduce religious studies classes in public schools, to end same day voter registration, and to mandate that life begins at conception.

Voting patterns in recent elections suggest that the 56th House district is winnable for a Democrat.  Egan says; “Our campaign is about putting people first. That means listening to the people of the 56th district, not the interest groups in Des Moines.”


Lori has a website, that also pulls posts in from her Facebook page.  There is a press release and a short article about her linked on her web page.

Website:  eganforiowa.com

Lori’s social media posts reflect an involved, family-oriented person.  She has information about Governor Reynold’s failed Medicaid privatization, and an article about the need for preventative health care.

Facebook Page  – https://www.facebook.com/Egan4IAHouse/