Tim Knutson is running for Iowa House District 51, a district which spans four counties on the Iowa border with Minnesota.  He is challenging Republican Jane Bloomingdale.  His primary issues are health care and education.  Tim had a successful career in hospital administration, mostly working for small, rural hospitals.  He also worked for a physicians’ group where he recruited physicians, and honed skills in business plan development and financial analysis.  He seems well positioned both to help address health care issues in Iowa, and to wade through complex budgetary matters.  He is an energetic, recent retiree who will bring deep Iowa roots and no small expertise to the job as member of the Iowa House.

Jane Bloomingdale was elected in 2016, and ran as a moderate.  However, her campaign was largely funded by the Iowa Republican Party, and she appears to have voted the party line on most issues.  She voted to gut collective bargaining, to defund planned parenthood, to curtail worker’s compensation, and to expand the right to use guns.  She voted to make voting more difficult, to lower the minimum wage, and to make it more difficult to file discrimination lawsuits.  In short, she has been on board with the ALEC/Upmeyer agenda.  She also co-sponsored the very sketchy resolution calling for a national constitutional convention.

Tim is excited to campaign on issues such as promoting sustainable energy solutions, once again prioritizing education, and making high speed internet connections available to all students.  He is interested in rural economic development, and providing affordable and accessible health care for all.  Tim is concerned that the privatization of Medicaid has caused frustrations for patients, and the lack of adequate funding for mental health services is a problem.  As a gun owner, he has some ideas on safety; “We can enact laws that prohibit the sale of guns to people deemed mentally unfit. We can expand background checks, and instill waiting periods for purchasing guns.”

House District 51 has some good historical stats, suggesting that a Democrat could win there.  For one thing, Barack Obama won the district both in 2008 and 2012.  Consider supporting Tim Knutson’s campaign to flip this district and help take back the Iowa House.


Campaign Website: https://www.timforiowa.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/timforiowa/