Victory Depends on You


(If you have volunteering information for another area in Iowa – get in touch and we will build a page like this for your county.)

From the Potluck Insurgency’s Guide to Volunteering in at the 2020 Election

Many of us are desperately hoping for a victory for Democrats on November 3rd. That victory won’t happen without hard work.  Remember that when all this is over you will want to feel that you did everything you could.  Choose one of the options below and get involved!  Also, sign up for the Johnson County Democrats Newsletter to get weekly updates on candidate events, current availability of campaign signs, and other ways to participate: 

Volunteer with Activate Iowa on Voter Registration

We are registering voters this fall. If you would like to help just send us an email at!

Volunteer with Battleground Iowa – a.k.a. the coordinated campaign

This group coordinates volunteer efforts to support Democrats, including Theresa Greenfield and the Biden/Harris ticket.  Their focus is on phonebanking to contact Democrats to encourage them to vote and explain voting logistics this fall. 

Volunteer for Rita Hart Campaign for Congress (Iowa, 2nd District)

Battleground Iowa is also supporting Rita Hart’s race, but her campaign has taken on the additional task of making persuasion calls across the district to No Party voters and Republicans who have voted for Democrats in the past. 

Charis Edwards – email is:

Volunteer for the Lonnie Pulkrabek Campaign

Running for Iowa House, District 73, which includes parts of Johnson County, all of Cedar County, and the town of Wilton in Muscatine County.

Contact person:  Jack Segal:  

Write Postcards

Postcards to Iowa Voters:

If you don’t want to go through Facebook, fill out their questionnaire at: 

Once you are approved, they will ask you to select a candidate in a targeted race or you can let them choose for you. They will send a suggested script, addresses and provide the postcards. You provide postage. 

National group:

This group has volunteers write postcards to voters in key races across the country. You sign up and write a practice postcard. Once that is approved, they will send addresses.

Volunteer with the Iowa City Eastside Democrats

This is a public Facebook group, and it’s full of local organizing news.

Twitter:  @iceastsidedems

Contact Sharon Lake at:

Volunteer with the Iowa City Northside Democrats

Territory includes IC04 (Manville Heights), IC 21 (the Northside), IC22, (Peninsula/Dubuque St area), and IC23 (Goosetown to Regina).  

This is a public Facebook group.

If you want to get involved without going through Facebook:
Contact Sarah Prineas

Volunteer with the Iowa City Westside Democrats

This is a group that you click a button and ask to join.

Contact Cindy Doyle:
or Jodie Theobald:

Volunteer with the Battleground Iowa 


Meet your Johnson County organizers!
Contact us any time about ways to get involved.


Regional Organizing Director:
Kassie Fotiadis (she/her):

East + North Iowa City:​
Hope Williams (she/her) :

West + South Iowa City​:
Tee Mosley (she/her)

University of Iowa Campus Precincts:
Yaala Muller (she/her):

Coralville and North Liberty:
Hannah Brown (she/her):
Precincts covered: Cv.01, Cv.02, Cv.03, Cv.04, Cv.05, Cv.06, Cv.07, Nl.01, Nl.02, Nl.03, Nl.04, Nl.05

Rural and outskirts of JoCo​:
Michael Berkowitz (he/him):
Precincts covered: Bg, Cc, Ce, Fr, Gr, Hd, Je, Jw, Lb, Np, Ox, Pn, Sc, Sn, So, Un, Ws, Wb1, Hs, Nl.06